“Caraval” by Stephanie Garber

Whatever you’ve heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to the reality. It’s more than just a game or performance. It’s the closest you’ll ever find yourself magic in this world.

*Disclaimer: I’m pretty new to writing reviews and I know I’m probably not that good, but don’t be too harsh. I don’t do it for any other reasons besides just sharing my opinions on books I have read or am currently reading. I’m trying my best. And if you’re reading my blog, thank you!*

“Caraval” is so far one of my favourite books for 2017. Before seeing the book in my local bookstore I haven’t heard much about it. The first time I heard and read something about the book was from a bookstagram account on Instagram. When I saw the photo of the book I fell in love with the cover. It was really beautiful and also the design inside was so creative. The story sounded amazing and was full of adventures and magic. That was what actually got me about the book. I wanted to read it so much, but since the author was pretty new and not that famous I didn’t expected to be translated and sold in Bulgaria. But it was and I was really surprised. I saw the book in the store on my birthday. I had told my self I’m not gonna buy more books, but at the moment I saw “Caraval” I knew I had to buy it. The best thing is that the Bulgarian cover is as pretty as the original cover. Usually, it’s not like that when a book comes to Bulgaria and it’s made in the Bulgarian edition.

Now, a little bit more about the book. If you haven’t heard about it yet, go check it out. The book’s genres are fantasy, young adult and romance. How I said it’s a very nice story about adventures, magic and sisterhood. There’s a little bit of romance for those who love these kind of stories.

The main characters are the sisters Donatella “Tella” and Scarlett Dragna, Julian, Legend and the father of the girls Marcello Dragna. There are other characters, too. Some of them are Dante, Annalise and others.

An awesome thing about “Caraval” is the design of it. In the beginning there are few handwritten letters from Scarlett to “Caraval master” or Legend. This is actually also the beginning of the whole magical story. The story is mainly concentrated around the strong and pure love between the two sisters. One of the things that were most catchy is the fact that even you think you have finally understood everything about the characters. But then something new gets unfold. The element of surprise in that book works so good with the story and the characters. The fact that involves a quest which has to be finished for a limited time is also very addicting because you are in a constant curiosity whether the characters are going to finish on time. And the element of mystery which during the whole quest is something that I really liked. It’s good because sometimes you don’t need to know everything. And with that book, I guarantee you, you couldn’t learn or guess everything even if you try. The writing of the book was so good. In addition, it was really nice that the pacing was neither too slow nor too fast.

The end was another ther thing that, in my opinion, nobody expected. The fact that this amazing book ended with a cliffhanger promises one more amazing book. Which I can’t wait to read whenever it comes out.

I am so happy that I found Stephanie Garner and her book “Caraval”. She is very talented and I expect more wonderful books from her. If you like fantasy, young adult books I really recommend you to check out the book. Give it a try, I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed. And even if are, remember people are different and not everyone has the same opinion like you.


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