About Me

My name is Annie. I’m from Bulgaria. I’m 19 years old. I’m a freshman at university this year. I’m going to study Arabic language and studies. I speak Bulgarian, English, German and a little bit of Spanish.
I love reading books, buying them and making photos of them. Trying my best at photography. Also, I love travelling, exploring new countries, cities their culture and history.
I’m pretty new to blogging, so don’t mind if I do some mistakes or forget to post. I’m still coping with having to write something and post it. In addition, my motherlanguage is not English and despite the fact I know the language very well, there might be some mistakes, but please remember I’m trying my best.
If you’re reading my blog, thank you. If you have anything to advice me whether it is for a post or something else, feel free to do it. Thank you for supporting me!
With love,


 Story time posts where you can learn more about my life and my story: